I run two minecraft servers on an at home server PC. It’s just for fun, but obviously I’d like people to join! Not everyone I know plays minecraft, so I am putting an application out there for people to apply with.
The servers as a group are referred to as Illunet, short for my website morrysillusion.net. In turn, the servers that exist are IlluSMP and IlluCR.

It should be said, the application existing isn’t supposed to imply this being strict or professional, it’ll just make things easy on me! At this moment, I have no idea how this server will grow. I hope to gather friends and creators to collaborate with, and simply have a nice community within the server I made.

Disclaimer: Because this is a hobby, and I run these servers at home, you should understand that there may be hiccups especially early in the release of this application. This server is being run on my own time and my own money! I’m quite new to the technical side but I hope to keep things pretty smooth

Make sure you read all of the below, then fill out the application!

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Overall rules/guidelines

  • You MUST be 18 years or older to join.
  • whitelist is refreshed every 6 months (for now). if you have been entirely inactive for 6 months, and dont respond to the ping i give about wiping the list, you will be removed.
  • greifing to the extent of ruining large portions of the occupied spaces on the server is not tolerated and its expected everyone will be mindful about the space they use. more specific prank rules can be found on the discord, in their specific server categories.
  • cheating with things like xray, while not trackable, is not allowed… again, be mindful - dont cheat like this and wipe out all the materials you find.
  • malicious behavior like actively stealing significant items, excessive killing, destroying items is not allowed.
  • avoid creating imagery on the server (such as statues, pixel art, etc) that is blatantly sexual- such as genitals and sex acts. It might be funny to put a few blocks down that look like a dick, but its better kept off the server. Jokes, refernces, and the likes in text or chats is fine, just be sure to drop something if someone is uncomfortable.

SMP info

IlluSMP is technically vanilla in concept, with some minor datapacks & fabric for a voice mod. The datapacks just tweak vanilla a bit. Players are allowed to use their own datapacks/resourcepacks client side, so long as they do not go against the existing rules, and may use texture packs or shaders as they please.

Creative info

IlluCR is fabric vanilla server, with World Edit and a few fabric performance mods like sodium, lithium etc. Players are allowed to use their own datapacks client side, along with texture packs/shaders.

This server is generally for me, and anyone else, to make whatever they want! But you must follow the rules of not greifing, destroying other people’s builds, etc. and I would prefer again we do not fill the creative server with lewd builds, memes, and other destructive builds (pointless walls of lava, water, etc). Helping others with builds, getting critique, etc are all very much encouraged.


Why is it 18+/can I join if I am almost 18?

The server is 18+ because I am an adult and I am most comfortable running a group like this knowing everyone is an adult. It's not a place where I am expecting or forcing everyone to be super 'family friendly' as its all casual and for fun, and I'd prefer everyone is 18 due to that! Please only join if you have turned 18 already. If you are found to be lying, you will be banned.

I haven’t heard back/why wasn’t I accepted?

There is always a chance I am accepting you, but that I need to wait due to the number of players- either to ease things for myself or because we are too full. If you were denied, you won’t be notified. Its just not possible for me to do that for everyone and go over why, especially is addressing why would cause more problems for me.

I think it would be cool if [mod] was added to the servers/will you add more mods/will you make a modded server?

I want these servers to remain vanilla, and I personally don’t have the time or reason to make a third server either. It would be way too much to handle right now, and I don’t even know if there’d be enough of a drive to use it (I wouldn’t have the time to go on all three!)

I can’t use optifine on Fabric! What do I do about (various optifine functions)?

At this point fabric runs great and has many options to replicate what you probably want! I’d even argue its optimization mods like sodium are far better than optifine. You can get Iris shaders as well, and it support quite a lot of shaders now. There are even mods for connected textures, or for a zoom function… you can likely recreate what you need in fabric just fine.

How are you hosting the server/paying for it?

The server is run at my home on a second desktop. It is a dell server tower and its running 24/7 in my bedroom! I did all the portforwarding/setup/etc on my own and pay for it out of pocket.

Why have a voice chat mod, if there is discord?

Players can totally use discord if they wish. By no means does anyone have to use the mod. But as the server grows in size, I felt the mod could be fun to have as it adds proximity based voice in game! And you can still create groups in game as well that won't be affected by proximity. It can allow people to simply get on without needing to open discord.